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Fire-Breathing Dragon
Following in the the footsteps of last Joke of the Fortnight’s fire-breathing tuba, these guys help bring a new level of literalism to the term, “a burning solo.”  Unlike the tuba player, however, the implementation of their “modifications” seems to have forsaken one or two basic logistics.
Britney Spears Interview with Matt Lauer
A violist was hiking through Switzerland...
Chung Sings
Guidelines to the Blues
Halloween Special: Trombone or Treat
A Player’s Guide for Keeping Conductors in Line
Second Hand
O Holy Night
The Christmas Special
A Trumpet Player’s Gig
Hummel Trumpet Concerto
Trumpet Violations
Date with a Bass Trombonist
Bad Hookup!
How many Juilliard students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Back Dormitory Boys: As Long As You Love Me
Orchestra Personnel Standards
Reach - A Lecture Musical
The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Math/Logic Quiz
Shatner in the Sky with Diamonds
I Bought Your New CD!
Eric Cartman Lives...
Emergency Fix During the Tour de France
Scoring High with the Classics
Wedding Music Requests
The Classics
Wedding Music Request Response
VerMeulen: The Horn Crew
What’s the difference between a catfish and a drummer?…
Country Tuba
What’s the definition of “perfect pitch?”
Morning Rhythm
“Did you hear about the band director from Texas?”
One-man Horn Section
What’s the difference between a sax player and a lawn mower?…
Start-up Sound
Things You’ll Never Hear on a Musician’s Tour Bus
Japanese Salesman Rocks Out!
What’s the difference between an accordion and a lawn mower?
Mortal Kombat Music Video
Why Guitars Are Better Than...
Learning English to a Beat - Part 1
12 Music Biz Secrets
Learning English to a Beat - Part 2
Bass Player Violations
Traffic Rap
45 Great Lies of the Music Business
Average Homeboy
The 36 Rules for Bands
Average Homeboy’s Back
Female Singer Violations
Freaking Brothers?!?
Tuba player: “Did you hear my last recital?”
Tuba Players Have Good Rhythm and the Best Timing
As a bagpiper,...
My Piano Lesson
Hampsters Aren't Interested in Playing The Piano
The Music of Star Wars
Hasselhoff Music Video
Music is Part of a Balanced Breakfast
Jazz Math

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I’m My Own Grandpa
Mozart on Asphalt
Still Learning How to Play Triplets?
The Final Solution to Rachmaninoff
Marimba Ponies
The Hallelujah Chorus

We found this one just by chance and were concerned that some viewers may find it objectionable.  The consensus here was that it was too funny to pass up (and it certainly doesn’t glorify Hitler); however, viewer’s discretion is advised.

Hitler Rap
2 Snakes 2 Many, Snakes on an MP3

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