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Contrapunctus for band Nos.1 - 14 by Bach

The band music now playing is J.S. Bach's Contrapunctus 9 for band from The Art of Fugue.

Johann Sebastian Bach
The Art of Fugue
for Band

Looking for Contrapunctus 1 - 14 for band?  Amis Musical Circle is a classical music publishing company offering the arrangements, transcriptions and compositions of Kenneth Amis, tuba player of the world renowned Empire Brass.  His transcription of The Art of Fugue contains Contrapunctus 1 through Contrapunctus 14 along with the four Canons plus one bonus canon.  At over 93 minutes of contrapuntal music, Contrapunctus 1 through 14 for band offers an ensemble many opportunities to show both its technical precision and musical expressiveness.


By 1750, fugue writing had gone out of style and J.S. Bach's Art of Fugue did not receive the commercial success that his family had hoped.  Nevertheless, the Art of Fugue took the idea of contrapuntal design to a new level and represents the work of a seasoned composer at the height of his artistic and intellectual genius.  You can read more detailed program and performance notes on Contrapunctus 1 through 14 for band by clicking the link below.


Notes on Contrapunctus 1 through 14 for band.


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  Contrapunctus for band by Bach Nos.1 - 14 are available from Amis Musical Circle

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Contrapunctus 1 through 14 for band