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The trombone music now playing is Meredith Willson's Seventy-Six (76) Trombones from the play, The Music Man.

 Now Available! � Two new compact discs by the Boston Symphony Orchestra�s principal trombonist, Ronald Barron.

If you're looking for quality trombone music you've come to the right place.  Welcome to the Amis Musical Circle web site. Amis Musical Circle is a classical music publishing company offering the arrangements, transcriptions and compositions of Kenneth Amis, tuba player of the world renowned Empire Brass Quintet. We publish trombone music as well as music for solo baritone, euphonium,  tuba, trumpet, French horn, trombone quartet, brass quintet and brass choir and brass quintet with orchestra, woodwinds, strings, concert band and orchestra. We also offer compact disc recordings by various trombone players and other brass instrumentalists.

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