American Bandmasters Association (ABA)
The objectives of this organization are the recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of the concert band and its music; helpfulness and fellowship among members; an increasingly higher standard of artistic excellence for the concert band, its performers, its conductors and  its literature; and a constantly greater contribution through the concert band to the musical life and culture of all peoples.

American Federation of Musicians
The union of U.S. based professional performers.

Amis Musical Circle
Publisher/Retailer and internet host for Symbiosis New England, Inc.
Internet resource center for band directors

College Band Director's Association (CBDNA)
CBDNA has a long history of support for the public school band programs of this country increasing artistry, understanding, dignity, and respect, through leadership and sponsorship in the secondary school program, and by cooperation with all other agencies pursuing similar musical goals.

Instrumentalist Magazine
These articles written by veteran directors and performers cover a wide range of topics, including rehearsal techniques, conducting tips, programming ideas, instrument clinics, repertoire analyses, and much more.

Massachusetts Instrument and Choral Conductors Association (MICCA)
MICCA is dedicated to the study of  music through performance. Creating opportunities for evaluation and  expert opinion and feedback to all our participants in a non-competitive  setting is our main focus.

Meredith Music Publications
Meredith Music Publications features materials written by internationally renown composers and authors including Frank Battisti, Warren Benson, Anthony J. Cirone, Elliot Del Borgo, Robert Garofalo, Robert Jager, Edward Lisk, James Thurmond, Garwood Whaley and others. These publications are used around the world by today's most prominent performers and music educators.

Music Educators' National Conference - the National Association for Music Educators (MENC)
This national organization is the mother group of every New England State Chapter which includes:

National Band Association (NBA)
NBA is an organization open to anyone and everyone interested in bands, regardless  of the length of his/her experience, type of position held, or the specific  level at which he/she works. The membership roster includes men and women from  every facet of the band world.

School Band and Orchestra Magazine
This site features articles from the current issue of SBO magazine, including an UpClose profile of a leading music director's school program as well as teacher surveys and helpful articles on topics ranging from fundraising and grant-writing to educational trends and music technology. Monthly columns include: Hot News, New Products, Web Spotlight, Playing Tip of the Month, Crossword Puzzle and Solution.

Women Band Directors International (WBDI)
WBDI is an organization in which every woman band director is represented at the international level regardless of the length of her experience, or the level at which she works and is intended to serve as an association which supports, promotes, and mentors women in the band field.