It's time to start networking! Our best resources are each other, so let's build a network by letting each other know who we are and where we work. If you're using a dial-up connection it will take some time for the map image to load.

  1. Find your office on the map by click-dragging the map with your mouse to reposition it and zooming in on your building (using the vertical zoom bar on the left).  If you accidentally click (instead of click-drag) and the "Place an icon" window opens, you can close it by simply clicking on the "x" box in the upper right corner or click-dragging somewhere else on the map.
    Hint: Center the your location within the map before you start to zoom in on it. The zoom bar will zoom in on whatever is in the center of the map window. You can use normal map view, satellite view or hybrid view.
  2. Click on your building to place your icon. You'll see a pop-up box labeled "Place an icon."
  3. You must fill in ALL of the fields, even if you have no message. We recommend putting your job title/position and work number (or email address) in the message field. If you don't have a web site you can put your email address in the link field. Instead of using "https://", delete the "https://" and type in "mailto:" (without the quotes) before your email address, e.g.,
  4. Click on the icon marker that you want to use.
  5. Click the 'Place' button.
  6. If you inadvertently click on the map an a "Place an icon" window pops up you can simply close it by click on the small "X" in its upper right corner.
  7. If you accidentally place a marker or want to change it just email us and we'll delete your first one for you.

You can view other people's contact information by hovering your mouse over their icon.

Please Note: The "PayPal Donate" icon has nothing to do with Symbiosis New England.