Authors :
Jeff Adams
Kenneth Amis
Roger Bobo
Lisa Bontrager
Velvet Brown
John Clark
Dale Clevenger
Abbie Conant
Jeffrey Curnow
Kurt Dupuis
Peter Ellefson
Laurie Frink
Jack Gale
Wycliffe Gordon
James Gourlay
Toby Hanks
Dick Hansen
Kevin Hayward
Lesley Howie
Gregory Hustis
Alex Iles
Ingrid Jensen
Dave Kirk
Craig Knox
Mark H. Lawrence
John Marcellus
Raymond Mase
Steven Mead
Brad Michel
Gregory Miller
Bob Montgomery
Jennifer Montone
Daniel Perantoni
Marc Reese
Ronald Romm
Mike Roylance
Jon Sass
Ralph Sauer
Susan Slaughter
Phyllis Stork
Deanna Swoboda
David Taylor
Kenneth Thompkins
Demondrae Thurman
Rick Todd
Adam Unsworth
Warren Vaché
Tom Varner
Bill VerMeulen
Charlie Vernon
John Wallace
Frøydis Ree Wekre
David Werden
Jeremy West
Gail M. Williams
R. Douglas Wright
Douglas Yeo
Subject : The Brass Player’s Cookbook is a stimulating collection of unique
concepts on becoming a successful performer by 57 of today’s most
outstanding brass professionals.  Contains to-the-point, thought-provoking
ideas proven successful by master teacher-performers. Problem solving
tips, philosophical concepts and technique building exercises all in one
easy-to-read collection.  An ideal source of exciting strategies for all
levels of development.
Length : 148 pages
Catalogue Number : AMC-BK-005
Price : $17
Quantity :
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