You can hear the brass and organ version of this Bell-Tone's Ring by purchasing “Christmas with the Master Chorale & Empire Brass”  from this site.  This piece is also available for full orchestra (with optional organ and chorus), solo organ (with optional voice) and symphonic band (with optional organ and chorus).

Bell-Tone’s Ring
by Kenneth Amis

Bell tones ring with love for the one whom
I commit my heart and soul to love, honor, cherish and adore.
Though the trials of life may test me
My heart will stay pure
with the sounds of bells that ring for
truth and devotion to building a sacred union.

From the moment that we met
My heart began to sing,
serenading of the harmony that I would bring.
In an air of hopes and dreams I start my days anew,
singing vows of dedication to a life with you.

Bell tones ring with love for the one whose
spirit comforts me and shows me tenderness,
Always by my side
sharing words of strength and hope to
raise my spirits high.
Now I hear the ringing bells of
faith and certainty that you will be here for me.

My beloved son,
My daughter,
It is time we let you go away into the caring arms of another,
my little child, my baby.

Bell tones ring with love for the one whom
I defend honor and champion our romance,
Gallantly by her side
With a passion in my heart
I vow to be her shining knight
Forever I shall be her sentry if she were to grant me my request.

From the dawning of our courtship
he was so demure.
Such a gentle heart I knew his motives would be pure.
As I give my hand to him,
Bear witness everyone,
By exchanging golden symbols we have now become…

Man and wife as one,
hand in hand, walk down the aisle of love to start their odyssey
over its selfless plain.

Bell tones ring with joy and elation.
With all my heart I pray for my son’s happiness in his sacred bond
as they bear our family’s future.

Bells ring for my child.
Her day has come and I pray that she finds joy
and happiness in him.

Bells are ringing
In harmony
They ring with love and they ring with joy and
happiness as one for all the years to come.

As the bells resound with passion
My heart sings a song of love,
a song that resonates with love forever.

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